About us

Carefully grown fruits for a memorable taste

Due to the constant care for our orchards, we are able to offer you excellent fruits, with supreme quality. Another important factor, which has a positive effect on the fresh fruits quality is the geographic area in which the orchards are situated. The area of our orchards has the optimal climate and soil fertility for fruit growing and most specifically for apricot cultivation. Currently the company`s land amounts to 120 ha and keeps increasing. Since its creation in 2002, we constantly broaden the types of grown fruits as well as the varieties. We are expanding and upgrading our cool storage and packing facilities, implementing new technologies

We innovate all the way to the tree - we have designed special picking bags, which minimise the mechanical stress, in order to keep the fruits unharmed during the stage of hand picking up until the grading. We also use special tools to retain optimal freshness of the picked fruits until they reach the cool storage facility. This is how by different means, we pursue our goal to deliver premium fresh fruits to our clients, ensuring the high quality and freshness are perserved.