Carefully grown fruits for a memorable taste


  • Date
    February 16, 2018

    Cherry varieties:

    - Sweet Heart
    - Ferrovia
    - Giorgia
    - Celeste
    - Regina
    - Van
    - Lapins
    - Burlat C1
    - Sylvia
    - Sunburst
    - Canada Giant

  • Date
    February 16, 2018
    The apricot originally came from Northeast Armenia. Even today wild apricots can be found in Middle Asia and Northeast Armenia. Apricot grows in the Himalayas over 4000 meters altitude. As a orchard tree I has been grown in Armenia for over 3000 years and since then it has begun its spreading over the world - Persia, Asia and in 1 century - in Europe.

Euro 2002 LTD is a family owned company, specialised it fruit growing. We take care for apricot, sweet cherry and plum varieties in our different orchards. After being hand picked, our fruits go through grading, packaging and cooling. Only after making sure of their highest quality and freshness, our fruits are available for you to enjoy the inimitable taste of nature